May 23rd 2014
Local Elections will take place
on the Friday 23rd May 2014

July 2014
Naas Community Men’s Shed

June / July 2014
The Ancient Well known locally  the Well Lane is being restored Read More.

Local Kildare-Naas Issues

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) . The creation of new jobs and exports in SMEs is essential to the local and national economic recovery. I will be promoting the new €6.8 billion from the Pensions Reserve Fund  (ISIF) /Other Equities support for SME businesses. These new Funds will infill where Banks were failing down on support. Local Authorities, through the new Local Enterprise Offices (LEO) will need to promote the local availability of these funds to assist SME developments.

General Business /Retail Sector

I will continue to promote Local Authority assistance to existing businesses in Kildare.I will continue to seek a more equitable business field for Town Centre Shopping against the advantageous conditions allowed to ‘out of town’ shopping centres. This includes seeking a less restrictive planning regime for Town Centre living accommodations, reduced development levies for long term unused sites and an easing of planning conditions that presently require car parking or payments for hospitality businesses. I will continue to advocate that only barrier controlled, payment system car parks should be authorised to provide commercial car parking services, thus avoiding the use of ‘Clampers’.

Hospitality Theme Park. I have been promoting for a long time, the co-development of a Horse Racing Ireland/Hotel/Entertainment/Theme Park, in the area of The Curragh Racecourse, with the potential for thousands of jobs, where a wide range of equine related activities could be performed during daytime, whilst exhibition centres and traditional entertainments would contribute in evenings, in conjunction with normal horse racing, classic race meetings, international visitors, Irish diaspora and Dublin day trippers, with a wide range of Ring of Kildare alternative tourist attractions available locally.

Social/Community Housing. There are over 5,000 applicants on the Kildare-Naas Housing Register for Social/Community houses. New houses in this category are essential to allow families to leave ‘expensive rent supported accommodations’ and get on with building a normal life in their own homes

Naas Community Men’s Shed

Men’s Sheds started as a social development in Australia a short number of years ago and has spread quickly throughout the free world. It is a social gathering of men, some experienced with crafts, trade/ technical skills or professional, literary and administration skills, who want to share time, experiences, knowledge and abilities for mutual and community benefit, in a suitable environment as an alternative to their own workshop or home. Seamie is delighted to have spearheaded the drive to obtain a suitable premises and co-found the first such Community Men’s Shed, at Rathasker Road, Naas.

Naas United FC


As President of Naas United FC Seamie has enjoyed the experiences of the club achieving Club of the Year in the Kildare 2012 DFL, winning the Senior Championship, League, u19s and several other underage competitions. Despite not yet realising their main development objective of having their own grounds or club house but with 13 teams, a membership approaching 300 and a very hard working committee, Seamie is confident that the solidarity within the club will see them achieve greater success on the field and their own home ground in the near future. The clubs contribution to youth and sport development is a huge social benefit to the town and Seamie is delighted to assist the committee's drive to continue that contribution and make it the best club in Leinster.

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